Renate Kikkert Aspiring Frontend Developer

Looking for an Internship

My Ideal Company

I'm looking for an internship or traineeship as a (very) junior frontend developer at a company in web development. This company should have at least one but preferably several other frontend developers.


The best location for me would be in Amsterdam and surroundings.

3 Months, Starting Now!

The internship would preferably be for a period of about 3 months, but this is negotiable. I would be available to start right about now. Fulltime or parttime are both possible.

My ideas

I could start with trying to recreate some old projects, as I do not have much practical experience in frontend programming yet. From time to time I would be sitting down with an experienced frontender, to discuss the work. In time I could do some easy 'real' work and build from there to become a profitable intern for your company. If you have different ideas, I am very interested to hear them.

Ready For the Next Step

I've now spent some months learning on my own. It now becomes more difficult to choose in what direction to go with learning, and I think it is time for me to get a taste of 'the real world'. Also, it would be great to work together with other developers in a team, and to be able to contribute to something else besides my own education.

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How I Learn Frontend

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About Me

Before diving into the Frontend programming adventure, I've spent some years in art school. Also, I've completed a bachelors and masters degree in Slavic Languages and Cultures. After graduation, I worked as an order reviewer at NetApp BV. In December 2012 I quit my job to devote my time to learning Frontend coding.

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